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Next gen tech

NHSRC IT division does Technology scan to assess and benchmark the current vis a vis future landscape of applications and tools across the health applications. Collaborating with partners working in upcoming technologies to assess the practice area and finding suitable use cases to unleash the potentials of the evolving tech landscape. To name a few efforts, study ongoing towards Integrated Tracking, Referral, and Electronic Decision Support, and Care Coordination, primarily a decision support system under trials, which is being supported through upcoming technology means to deliver upon the objectives set towards this system. ​​

Natural Language processing tools, GPT based models, No code platforms for easy configurability, translators are other areas for future consideration in our large applications in public health context,.

AI ML based models for large datasets are also being studied to enhance the care context and also how AI can help assisting public health practitioners streamlining operations along with documentation, advancing researches, early disease detection, drugs etal to promote healthier lives.