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Information Technology

  1. Metadata And Data Standards For Health Domain: Details
  2. Electronic Health Record (Ehr) 2016 Standards For India: Details
  3. Health Data Management Policy : Details
  4. Digital Health Global Leading Practices:  Details
  5. A Brief Guide On Abdm And Its Various Building Blocks:  Details
  6. Iso Health Informatics:  Details
  7. Hl7 (Health Level Seven International)

    Hl7 Is A Global Authority On Standards For Interoperability Of Health Information Technology. They Develop And Publish Healthcare Standards, Including The Hl7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (Fhir) Standard. Details

  8. Fhir (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources):

    Fhir Is A Standard For Exchanging Healthcare Information Electronically. It Defines A Set Of "Resources" That Represent Granular Clinical Concepts. These Resources Can Be Managed In Isolation Or Aggregated Into Complex Documents. Details

  9. Snomed Ct:

    Snomed Ct (Systematized Nomenclature Of Medicine Clinical Terms) Is A Comprehensive Clinical Terminology System Used In Electronic Health Records. It Provides A Standardized Way To Represent Clinical Phrases And Medical Concepts, Enhancing Interoperability.  Details

  10. SInternational Classification Of Diseases (Icd):

    The Icd Is A Standard Classification System For Diseases, Injuries, And Causes Of Death. It Is Used For Diagnostic Coding And Healthcare Statistics.  Details

  11. Ihe (Integrating The Healthcare Enterprise):

    Ihe Is An Initiative By Healthcare Professionals And Industry Leaders To Improve The Way Computer Systems In Healthcare Share Information. Ihe Promotes The Coordinated Use Of Established Standards Such As Dicom And Hl7 To Address Specific Clinical Needs.   Details

  12. Dicom (Digital Imaging And Communications In Medicine):

    Dicom Is The International Standard For Medical Images And Related Information. It Defines The Formats For Medical Images That Can Be Exchanged With The Data And Quality Necessary For Clinical Use.   Details

  13. Iso 13606:

    Iso 13606 Is An International Standard For The Communication Of Electronic Health Record (Ehr) Information. It Specifies The Communication At The Data And Knowledge Level, Rather Than Focusing On The Operational Aspects Of Ehr Systems.   Details

  14. Cen/Iso En 13606:

    Cen/Iso En 13606 Is A European Standard For Ehr Communication. It Defines A Communication Model, Data Interchange Format, And A Set Of Archetypes For The Transfer Of Ehr Extracts.   Details