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HMIS Data Analysis

This data analysis is based on data uploaded to National Web-portal ( by all the states and districts across the country. These data analysis is primarily presented to facilitate the use of this information by District level Programme Managers. They are in a better position to interpret this information in context and act on it. Even what are apparently data of poor quality or errors can be useful if the nature of error is understood. However those not sensitized to the data quality issues and those trying to use this for policy or journalistic purposes will find serious limitations – especially due to incomplete reporting of private sector data and poor quality of death reporting. Also please note that interpretation of information will differ with choice of denominator. We should be familiar with choice of denominator in use. Do consult HMIS Training Manual 2 for further understanding of these issues. Data is also analyzed and presented so as to help districts, find data errors and correct them. Only when data is converted into information and used, do many errors become apparent. Some states are likely to notice data entry errors & change their data- for which reason also, care should be taken when quoting from this source. We would advise you to check with state government and take permission before quoting from this. This data is analysed primarily on annual basis. Last updated data is of financial year 2012-13 for all states and districts across the country.

HMIS Analysis
Comparison NFHS4 with NFHS 3
Analysis –CLINICAL, ANTHROPOMETRIC and biochemical Survey