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Public Health

  • Secondary Care Strengthening: The division is supporting states in operationalizing and strengthening their secondary care facilities (Maternal and Child Health Services, layouts for 50/100/200/500 bedded MCH Wings, SUMAN, Emergency Care, OT, Mechanized laundry & CSSD, HDU/ICU, Modern Kitchen) for the provision of multi-specialist care and as a knowledge and training hub (DNB, CEmONC, BEmONC & LSAS) for doctors, nurses, and para-medical staff.
  • Model Health District & Aspirational Districts: Model Health District is a concept to develop Role Model facilities after implementing good practices from the perspective of patient, service provider and the community. These model districts in States could serve as an example of efficient implementation of all policies and guidelines for other districts in State. PHA division handholds in developing district health action plan, establishing and strengthening technical protocols in public health facilities in identified districts and regular monitoring, among others. The Division is also supporting Aspirational Districts in the country in the allotted districts.
  • Public Health Governance: The division is working on the concept of Public Health Governance to prevent avoidable incidents/ untimely deaths due to poor governance systems. The focus areas include Maternal and Child Death Reviews, Civil Registration System, Clinical Governance, Nursing Norms, Assured Emergency Services and Referral Transport, Grievance Redressal and Health Helpline.