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Books – they have been said to be the wisest of counsellors and the best of teachers. A time-tested way of imparting and disseminating knowledge, various kinds of books, or publications at large, are an important tool for the technical divisions at the NHSRC too. Be it the ASHA handbooks, training manuals for quality standards, operational guidelines for health care, COVID-19 information material, reports, studies, or technical specifications, these publications familiarise the reader with best practices, innovations, and development in the health sector.

The publication team forms the bridge between the various divisions and the intended reader by developing the information into an effective and efficient structure. Right from visualising raw content, getting it designed in a desirable and appropriate layout to getting the books ready and printed, the team takes care of the whole editorial gamut and publishing schedules to transform it all into valuable reference material. These publications then reach several stakeholders across the country, including the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), the Members of Parliament, various medical professionals, National Health Mission’s health centres, and health workers.

Whenever there is a situation that requires immediate release of information in the interest of the people, an example being the COVID-19 pandemic, the team rises to the occasion and gets relevant information ready for various channels of communication.

The MoHFW also relies on the NHSRC publications department on a regular basis for putting into shape its prestigious books and projects.