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Health Quality Assurance & systems


The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, is dedicated to enhancing the quality of care in public healthcare facilities. Its primary goals include ensuring access to high-quality health services for everyone, providing support to achieve universal health coverage (UHC) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). National Quality Assurance Standards have been developed keeping in the specific requirements for public health facilities as well global best practices. NQAS are currently available for District Hospitals, CHCs, PHCs and Urban PHCs. Standards are primarily meant for providers to assess their own quality for improvement through predefined standards and to bring up their facilities for certification. SaQsham is an online portal wherein nation-wide health centers and public health facilities can come up for national level certification. This portal has been developed for the National Quality Assurance Programme under National Health Mission (NHM) with an objective of assuring Quality Services at Public Health Facilities, and also to improve it further for enhanced users’ experience at the facilities. This provides a step-by-step approach for conducting Quality assessment by providing a holistic view to QA assessors on methodology and scope of work. Objectives:

  1. To build an institutional framework mechanism for conducting Quality Assessments in health facilities.
  2. To maintain a repository of NQAS Certification.
  3. To guide assessors in understanding technical and managerial aspects of QA assessment.

NHSRC IT Division provides essential thrust to technology partners in standardizing the software to meet the functional objectives at field level and also advises on the integration and governance structures in the system.

The Link to SAQSHAM: