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Collaboration and Partnership

The IT Division of NHSRC operates with a collaborative and partnership-centric mindset, engaging not only with various divisions of NHSRC and departments of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare but also extending its reach to involve other ministries, institutions and organizations. This inclusive approach ensures a holistic and interconnected system that addresses the multifaceted aspects of healthcare.

-          Tailoring Solutions for States:

Recognizing the diversity of healthcare requirements across states, we actively engage with various state governments to tailor our IT solutions to the unique needs and challenges of each region. This localized approach ensures the effective implementation of digital health programs at the grassroots level.

-          Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs):

Our collaborative efforts extend to partnering with organizations like Tata Trusts, reflecting a commitment to engaging with diverse stakeholders. These collaborations enable us to leverage the strengths and resources of NGOs, fostering a collective impact on healthcare initiatives.

-          International Organizations:

In our pursuit of excellence, we collaborate with esteemed international organizations. This global perspective enriches our initiatives with best practices, global health standards, and a broader understanding of healthcare challenges.

-          Academic and Healthcare Institutions:

The collaboration extends to prestigious institutions like All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi, ensuring that our IT solutions are grounded in the latest medical research and are aligned with the needs of healthcare professionals.

-          Private Sector Collaborators:

Recognizing the importance of cutting-edge technology, we have forged partnerships with leading private technology companies. These collaborations bring state-of-the-art solutions and expertise to the table, enhancing the technological backbone of our IT systems and ensuring scalability, security, and efficiency.

This collaborative ecosystem is a testament to our belief that meaningful and sustainable change in healthcare requires the collective efforts of government bodies, private enterprises, non-profit organizations, international agencies, and academic institutions. Together, we are building a robust and inclusive digital infrastructure that empowers healthcare providers, policymakers, and citizens across the nation.