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Capacity Building and Training

SASHAKT(Systematic Assessment of Health care providers Knowledge and Training)

Ayushman Bharat Health and wellness centers are expected to deliver an expanded range of services both at SHCs as well as PHCs, closer to the communities. The level of complexity of care of services delivered at the PHC would be higher than at the sub health center level as per the standard defined pathways. Operational Guidelines of all expanded service packages (Eye, ENT, Oral, Emergency, EPC) have been launched on 14th April 2021. States are required to roll-out all the 12 service packages under comprehensive primary healthcare at operationalized AB-HWCs. Knowledge and skill building are deemed essential to ensure quality of services provided at AB-HWCs. Annual grants have been allocated to the states for multi-skilling and continuous capacity building of health care teams. Technology support will enable and ensure better planning and execution of training.

In order to support states in implementation and monitoring of training, NHSRC has developed a Training Monitoring web portal known as SASHAKT – Systematic Assessment of Health care providers Knowledge and Training. This portal is designated to provide real-time updates on the progression of training. The specific purpose of training monitoring software is as follows:

  • Support the states in planning trainings for health care functionaries
  • Monitor the quality of trainings
  • Determine the real-time status of training of healthcare functionaries
  • Timely documentation and reporting on the status of training


NHSRC IT Division maintains and manages the programmatic aspects of this assessment programme through the Link to the portal: