Public Health Planning

Public Health Planning is a critical dimension of both health systems and health program, and acts as the interface between the two. This practice area is not only important for developing the health plans and program responsive to the needs of population, but it is also vital for budgeting and resource allocation in a systematic and equity sensitive manner. Successful and competent decentralize planning requires in the least

  1. A grasp of epidemiology  
  2. A knowledge of program design
  3. A systems approach to the organisation of health services
  4. An understanding of social determinants of health and health behaviors
  5. Knowledge and learning from best practices and innovations
  6. And above all, the ability to build capacity in all these domains at the district level

Access this page to learn more about the progress of different aspects of health systems strengthening under National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) and the challenges this task has been facing.

"One doesn’t ask for one who suffers, what is your country or what is your religion? One merely says, You suffer. That is enough for me. You belong to me and I shall help you."
- Louis Pasteur

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