Public Health Education Courses and Institutes

This data includes the listing of courses and training program of public health and allied subjects available in the country as well as profile of the institutions providing the courses. It is a brief analysis in terms of the number of students, course content, duration of course, cost of undertaking the course, infrastructure available, faculty positioned and other relevant details. The selection of the courses was done on basis of content of the courses. Those courses were included which covered requirements for district level health planning. In-service trainings less than 3 weeks duration were not included. The strategy chosen for course selection was a wide net for tracking and then filtering, to include as many courses as possible.

Data was categorized on the basis of courses offered by Public / Private Institutes and level of degree / diploma courses available. Data was collected from 16 states and 2 UTs. Compilation and analysis was carried out in June 2011.
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