Public Health Administration

Some of the most important challenges of strengthening public health systems are in governance and management. An important aspect is the Institutional framework of the health sector, especially in the context of reforms guided by the National Health Mission.

There are three key reform challenges of decentralization, integration and convergence, along with the tasks of professionalizing public health management and building the organizational capacity needed to achieve the desired health outcomes. The Implementation Framework of NRHM emphasizes the need to make public health delivery systems fully functional, responsive and accountable. There is a commitment to incentive and support the states to undertake the necessary institutional reforms, which are essential for improving the performance of health systems.

Legal Framework of Health

The legal framework for health in India draws its mandate from the Constitution of India. Article 47 of the Constitution of India’s Directive Principles, recognizes the duty of the state to raise the levels of nutrition and the standard of living and to improve public health as among its primary duties.

The division is providing technical support to MoHFW in programmatic areas where legal questions are involved. Specific areas of current intervention by NHSRC include;

  1. Implementation of Clinical Establishments (Registration & regulation) Act, 2010
  2. Development of a Health Rights Act and the Public Health Act
  3. Responding to queries relating to legal issues from MoHFW on a number of areas

"The welfare of the people is the ultimate law"
- Cicero, 106 BC - 43 BC

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