Mapping of Maternal Child Health Centers

Level I, II, III facilities have been identified in 22 states to prioritize these facilities for up-gradation/ strengthening by differential / enhanced allocation of resources. These facilities were located on map and identified facilities with requisite inputs and utilization for notification as “MCH Centres” for a catchment area. Following were the general principles for selecting facilities.

  1. Level 3 facility - DH should be fully functional with entire complement of services available and 1 FRU per 5 Lakh population – Providing CEMoNC services
  2. Level 2 facility - Network of 24x7 PHCs or CHC – Providing BEMoNC services
  3. Level 1 facility - Network of other PHCs / sub-centres / “delivery points” linked to 24x7 PHCs / FRUs through “assured” referral systems.

* Selection criteria was relaxed for smaller / hilly / naxalite affected districts

Data was categorized on the basis of Level I, Level II, Level III facilities and map of districts with located facilities. Following data was collected, compiled and analysed in August 2010.
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