Consultant-Quality Improvement (Short Term)

Term of Reference
Consultant-Quality Improvement (Short Term)

National Health Systems Resource Centre (NHSRC) is an autonomous institution under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. NHSRC extends technical support to the MoHFW & State Governments in preparation of draft policy papers, programme design & evaluation, implementation of Health Programmes and making recommendations for mid-course correction. One of the key focus areaof the work pertains to improvement in Quality of Care (QoC) at the Public Health Facilities, for which, National Quality Assurance Standards for different level of health facilities have been rolled-out by the MoHFW. NHSRC functions as a Secretariat for this initiative.

For implementation of the NQAS at different health facilities, there is a requirement of having documented procedures for different activities.

Though a large number of the health facilities may have some kind of SOPs, generic guidelines and work-instructions, which support implementation of the quality Standards, but often these SOPs do not meet specific requirement of the NQAS. The SOPs are meant for the process-owners, which may be hospital Incharge, Doctors, Nurses, Lab Technician, Pharmacist, OT Technician, Radiographers, Receptionist, etc. SOPs are expected to meet following characteristics - 


Role and Responsibilities:

  1. Aspirational - SOPs should not be limited to describing the existing process flow at public health facilities, but aspirational process document (To-Be), which would be precursor of improvement of Quality at the Public Health Facilities. However, the SOPs would be contextual and achievable with available resources and training. 
  2. Enabler - The SOPs are expected to work as enabler document. They are expected to be user-friendly and pragmatic. The SOPs would clearly bring-out those details, which are required for undertaking a work, in term of processes and sub-processes. Therefore, the SOPs should be ‘stand-alone’ documents with functional cross reference to programme guidelines.
  3. Locational – Developed SOPs would be tools for accomplishing expected activities / a group of sub-activities, which are taking place in the departments or the activities are required to be under taken for one programme. 
  4. Aligned – Suo-moto implementation of SOPs is intended to improve Quality of Care at the Public Health Facilities. It is expected that implementation of SOPs at Health Facilities would result into compliance to relevant Quality Standards under the National Quality Assurance Programme.
  5. Contextual- The procedures described and vocabulary used should be contextual to the public health facilities.
  6. Balanced- The SOPs should not be either too voluminous or sketchy. SOPs should emphasize on those processes, which are critical, error prone and require decision-making. Description of obvious processes, academic narrations and unnecessary references should be avoided.
  7. Original - The SOPs are meant for Public Health Facilities and should be based on actual mapping of resources and intended achievable improvement.
  8. Linkages – The SOPs should have linkage to other technical documents (Clinical Protocols, works Instructions), records, policies, quality standards and statutory requirements.

For development of SOPs and also for implementation of the NQAS, it is planned to engage a short-term consultant.
Qualification and Experience:

  1. MBBS
  2. Full-time MHA from a reputed Institute
  3. At least three years Post-MHA experience
  4. Excellent Writing skills
  5. Willingness to Travel (upto 50% of the worktime)

Expected role of the incumbent would be multi-dimensional and are summarised below –

  1. S/he should be a team player.
  2. Development of template SOPs as required under the NQAS for different level of facilities
  3. Assessment of Health Facilities
  4. To function as a training resource for implementation of the NQAS
  5. Any other function, as allocated by Advisor – Quality Improvement NHSRC

Age Limit:  50 years and below


Contract Tenure: 
Initial engagement would be for three month. The vacancy is purely temporary and could be terminated by giving fifteen days’ notice.


Applications must reach by 4 p.m. on 17-Aug-2017 by email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  . Please ensure to mention exact post applied for in subject-line of the email, without which applications will not be accepted.