Community Processes

"The community should emerge as active subjects rather than passive objects in the context of the public health system" - NRHM Framework for Implementation, MoHFW, GoI, 2005-2012

To achieve this goal, the program components in NRHM are the ASHA, the Village Health Sanitation and Nutrition Committee (VHSNC), community program, involvement of NGOs and public participation in facility based committees. While the ASHA is intended to facilitate access to health services, mobilize communities to realize health rights and access entitlements and provide basic community level care, the other elements focus on promoting action by village level organisations and enhance people’s participation in service delivery.

The task of developing policy frameworks and successful operationalization of this set of interventions at scale across the entire nation is complex and challenging.

Access this page for information about the various consultations and dialogue, studies and evaluations, and guidelines and training material that have shaped the program. Learn also the challenges this task faces and the dilemmas regarding the way ahead.

"The people have the right and duty to participate individually and collectively in the planning and implementation of their health care" Declaration of Alma Ata, 1978

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